miércoles, 19 de diciembre de 2012

Are you a Social network addicted?

Nowadays, everybody has a Twitter or a Facebook account. We can use this website to upload pictures, music, comments and all kind of multimedia contents. Social network has changed our society and created new models to understand human relationships.  Social Network involves a dangerous addiction. Are you dependent on your Whatsapp? Can’t you resist the urge to access to a social network?

According to some authors in the Saragossa University, Social network addiction can be defined as someone spending too much time in social networks. Coming on bus it’s a good way to understand what social network addicted is. Passengers in a bus, almost of them teenagers, are consulting Facebook, Tuenti or Twitter. The root of the problem is the speed of our consumerist society. If you want to have friends, you need to connect them using social network.

So what can you do if you think you may be a social network addicted? The key is to get new ways to communicate and create relationship avoiding the use of Social Network. A really good exercise is tried to live without using them for a week. Then, you can wonder: Do I want to be an addicted? 

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